How To Build A Special Forces Body (Workout & Mindset)

How To Build A Special Forces Body (Workout & Mindset)

How To Build a Special Forces Body (workout and mindset)?

The grueling path to becoming a Special Forces soldier is one of the hardest tasks in the Australian Military – at minimum your looking at a twelve-month + process that 85 percent of candidates fail. It’s designed to break you. There are only three options on selection: You quit, you get injured, or you last. The human body is built for survival and will adapt to better handle cold, heat, stress, pain and just about anything you can throw at it. Special Forces training is designed to test you physically, mentally and emotionally to build your mental strength. Personally, when it comes to mental strength, I believe you need to increase your body's condition to a point that allows you to keep negative thoughts and stresses to a minimum.

The ability to withstand pain and getting comfortable being uncomfortable is a much easier job for the brain if the body isn't screaming.



People ask me “How do I get mentally tougher Scotty” It's pretty simple in theory but difficult in practice. The secret lies not in the body but in the mind. To be successful in life, you need the ability stick things out when the going gets tough something today’s society is seriously lacking with our heated car seats, fast food delivery services to your doorstep, prizes for last place; it’s no surprise that people fail at the slightest tinge of suffering. What's fascinating to me is that in a world brimming with softies, developing mental toughness gives you a staggering advantage. By building the capacity to stick it out as everyone around us give way, we are setting ourselves up for success. Many people will offer you an excuse to end your suffering; you need to find the people who offer you a challenge in these times instead.

Want to improve your mental toughness then I would recommend;

Set clear goals, specific to where you are going, instead of getting distracted thinking about how big that workout is and how painful it will be, just focus on one task at a time, small victories breaking down each section, just turn the part of your brain off that’s telling you to quit and soldier on.

Visualize your success, during Special Forces selection those who use mental visualization have a higher chance of passing than those who don’t. When you use mental visualization repeatedly, it teaches you and rewires your brain at a primal level. Next time you step in the gym use this to technique during your workout, visualize you success in completing the workout. I like to use the saying “fake it till you make it,” if you see it and believe it enough you will reach it.

Control your emotional state. Do you often have knee jerk reactions to things? This is caused by huge powerful dumps of cortisol and adrenaline, which when mixed with stress or fear cause you to make irrational decisions. One way to fix these emotional breakdowns is to use breathing techniques and positive body language, during Special Forces selection we learn to manage our emotions under extremely stressful environments using these methods. Next time you feel like you're losing control, take four long deep breaths and pay attention to switching your body language to a positive stance. If you want to perform at your peak during high-stress periods, then you need to have a way of controlling your emotional responses.

Once you have your mind on point, it’s time to get down to training the body to match. This also requires rewiring your brain; we have so many built up ideas about training and nutrition that everything gets convoluted and we are trying to combine all the knowledge we have ever learned into one. What you need to realize is that not every body is the same as the next so not every plan will work the same for you as it will for someone else. To set yourself up for success and keep you motivated you need a customized plan that is specific to your training and nutrition goals.


When training for a Special Forces body and mind it requires and a certain level of commitment and discipline to the task, you will need to include these training principles; resistance training, work capacity (HIIT), gymnastics/calisthenics and endurance. SF soldiers are very well rounded athletes, you want to build a body that performs, but we all want the aesthetically pleasing side as well right? The key to this keep the training functional, develop strength not only for mass and muscularity but also for lifting, holding, pushing, pulling, throwing and heaving and the fitness to match. When the whole body is strong and works synergistically, you develop a flow and strength that isn’t easily gained by traditional body part splits of one muscle group per day type training. It’s time to step outside the box with your training and start gaining some serious functional fitness.

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Try this My Special Forces WOD;

Warm Up

3 x Rounds – 30 seconds on each exercise

High Knees

Inch Worms






3 Sets - 5 x Heavy Back Squats – superset 25m Sled Drag

3 Sets – 5 x Heavy Deadball Ground to Overheads – superset Tyre Flips



3 Sets for time;

5 Wide Grip controlled Pull Ups

5 Strict Toes to Bar

5 Skin the Cats

5 Handstand Push Ups


Work Capacity (HIIT)

9-minute EMOM (every minute on the minute)

6 Deadball Slams

6 Burpee Box Overs



2km Pack (weighted vest) March for time; 10-20kg



Your diet and what you put in your body can literally make or break a fitness program and your mindset. What’s tougher training or nutrition? Nutrition always wins for most people. For me nutrition is all about performance based results and the aesthetics is a great bi-product, when you switch your brain to eating for performance you will be pleasantly surprised with the way it shapes your physique. You must feed your body quality fuel for optimal energy and performance. The right fuel for the right engine.

Putting large quantities of processed, junk food into your system you will feel sluggish, lethargic and slow, and this will slowly derail your fitness and body goals. Correct supplementation also has a huge impact on your results; this will give you faster results and hugely improved performance. If you're going to put money, time and effort into your training but your nutrition is poor your wasting your time.


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Why Should You Make Progress an Obsession?

Obsession creates rapid progress.

We all speak of finding a balance in our many life endeavors. But in my experience, a balanced approach brings more slow and steady results, and in today’s world slow and steady just doesn’t cut it.

In fact, throughout my whole life, I have had a tendency to approach things with pure obsession and passion, but also putting in methods so not to burn out too soon. To me, this is my balance.

Instead of going through life at a constant steady climb like jogging up a hill, I prefer to switch between a flat out sprinting and a steady walk. Think about when you go for a run, that slow jog is soooooo boring, it’s not too fast, not to slow. It’s a moderate challenge, without exerting much pain at all. Now sprinting that requires maximal effort. It’s a measure of power, strength, skill, and endurance. There is always a lot of pain involved. It’s the fastest path between point 1 and 2, and you tend to have NO distractions. You have a clear vision, tunnel vision. You can’t possibly be thinking of anything else. This is when you're focused on only the task at hand, this is execution time. Walking is at the most opposite end of the scale. You are purposefully taking it easy, recover and relaxation time, time to look back on the sprint phase and re-zero your target for the next task. Here my mind is free to explore, observe and wonder. This is my time for brainstorming and reflection. For me, this is a holiday, a day at the beach, time with my family, a ride on the Harley.

The word obsession comes with a bad stigma to some, but for me, it’s how I live my life, do you know the actual definition of obsession


  1. An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind.


  1. A state of which someone thinks about someone of something constantly or frequently especially in a way that is with a huge amount of passion


  1. An activity that someone is very interested in or spends a lot of time doing


You might think I am crazy, but I don’t think that description sounds too bad, to be honest, it gets me excited and hungry for my next project. The value of obsession comes down to what that person is obsessed with. My obsessions are what drive me to be successful, living a healthy progressive lifestyle is a priority for me. Stop looking at obsession in the wrong light open your eyes to the fact that it’s only as good or as bad as the things you are obsessed with.

I remember my first obsession; Playing FIFA (soccer) on my PlayStation. Controlling how quick those players could make decisions and play the ball with pinpoint accuracy. Seeing the play on screen before it happened. I wanted this in real life, I wanted to be able to think that fast in real life, I wanted to be able to react and play that sharp. I was obsessed with being as good as a virtual reality soccer player.

So I did...

I would spend every spare minute of my time in the backyard kicking and playing with the soccer ball. Hitting it against the wall as hard as I could and reacting to the bounce, to improve my reflexes and touch. I would conduct sprints up my driveway to increase my speed and power, sometimes dragging a rubbish bin or two to add more weight. And I would continue to study the game both on the PlayStation and fox sports, every last detail of the player’s moves. I would be the captain of every team I played for (and I did).

I was absolutely obsessed with this for a period of time until I felt I had reached my peak and built a solid foundation of knowledge. Then it was time to look back and reflect and choose my next task, this is pretty much how I have approached everything I have ever been interested in.  When I am at this stage I won’t limit how many hours a day I commit to the tasks needed to progress ad learn, which means I learn fast and progress quickly, when you're obsessed you can go from a beginner to advanced in a very short space of time on the task at hand.


My biggest take away from here is when you immerse yourself in something, you will progress fast and succeed quickly, don’t hold yourself back or let anyone else hold you back, chase your dreams no matter how crazy they may seem, yes this could take focus away from other areas of your life, but it’s OK you can make these up later.

Stay dedicated to your passion in Life.