“Victorious warriors win first in their minds, and then go to war. Defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” – Sun Tzu, Art of War

It seems that everyone has a different idea of what mind control means, or how it works.  Today I'm talking about the ability to regulate your emotions and responses in order to control and select the best actions. To know what you need to do in order to remain in control of your every thought, your every move, and emotion. To take responsibility for every action that “ you choose” to do! 

As a full-time coach and mentor to many, my team and I use this is a key teaching point every single training cycle with all clients.  Now, I'm not going to go into massive detail on how you need to think about every aspect of your life... or get all philosophical with you.  I'm just going to give you what you need in order to get that mindset shift you're looking for. 

A bit of a wake up call to remind you that YOU ARE IN THE DRIVERS SEAT!

When I think of mind control, I naturally lean towards physical application and practices.  This is where I specialise and coach at my best. Because I'm a MASSIVE advocate of training the brain with physical activity… You can literally offset and practice every good and bad attribute through, in physically training. 

It's how I’ve practiced, and it works. 

Let's look at controlling your thoughts towards discipline. I'll give you 3 ways you can practice having more discipline.


  1. TURN UP!  - If you want more discipline then you're going to need to turn up the gym and start RIGHT... That takes controlled thought and action on it's own. 
  2. FINISH EVERY MISSION, NO MATTER WHAT! -  Finish every workout, every round… every rep… EVERY SINGLE TIME… Not some of the time, or when you feel like it. Controlling your thoughts and actions every time means sticking to the plan without listening to the sales pitch you tell yourself when things get tough. Simply in theory yet challenging for a lot of folks who have a high amount of anxiety or poor emotional control, feeling rushed and the need to cut things short.
  3. CONTROLLED BREATHING! - My personal favourite... Next time you're doing a workout that impacts your cardiovascular system, set yourself a task of “resting” for two breaths only. Working towards that threshold, pausing and taking two powerful breathes. One breath… two breaths… and continue training without any delay. Not only will this assist with oxygen intake and recovery, but it's a perfect way to establish multiple exposure to staying disciplined. 

Just to put that all in context, your thoughts control your every move. So if your moves are wrong, your thoughts are the issue. Think before you begin, establish a plan backed by confidence and stick to it no matter what.

Thought control, action control, in control. Discipline baby!

Now that’s just 3 examples around one killer area of mind control being discipline. How we can practice mental and emotional regulation to Improve our decisions and actions. There’s countless more and most, if not all of them can be conditioned within the gym or training arena.

So who’s keen for a workout? 

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