What Do You Have More Of.?

What Do You Have More Of.?

What are some of the most common reasons/excuses you hear from people? 

 I don't have time... I'm too old... I'm injured... I'm too tired... I'm not as fit as I  used to be....

 How do these excuses start? They begin as a protective measure to avoid pain, your pride, your ego, it’s our way of avoiding the TRUTH. The issue is these excuses keep piling up on top of each other and we begin to actually believe they are the truth. It’s like a bunch of small lies you keep telling yourself that make you feel better short term. 

 Excuses free you from responsibility, from ownership and today’s society is full of them. They surround us, on a daily basis and other people provide them for us.

It truly sux how many people that surround us on a daily basis actually don't understand or have awareness and "balls" to own their excuses, let alone push others to take action. Count how many people you know that challenge you.. push you to do the harder things. It's scary to think how few are out there!


Many people will offer you an excuse to end your suffering, you need to find the people who offer you a challenge in these times instead. 

 Only you can let go of your excuses, no one can do it for you. Quit the self-destructive behaviour, learn to master yourself. 

 You are responsible for your own happiness. 

So much of fitness is finding the motivation. How do you motivate yourself and your clients when you don’t want to get up and do it?


 My top 4 points towards long lasting motivation 

 #1 Self-Discipline - Forget motivation it’s starts with discipline. Discipline is what drives our actions when we lack motivation. When we don’t have the internal push to keep us going forward we rely on discipline to drive us. 

 Something the army teaches people is the art of self-discipline, it’s instilled in us from day one at Kapooka, throughout Special Forces Selection and until the day you discharge and it’s something you never forget. 

 Take a look around at the people you admire and look up to. What sets them apart from others? What makes them leaders is their self-discipline. 

 #2 Goal Setting - Without a clear path ahead people lack the motivation to keep going, it’s proven amongst Special Forces Soldiers that those who pass the testing criteria have clear short and long term goals in place. A purpose for where they are going. Goal setting ensures you stay focused on the task at hand and don’t waiver from the plan. 

 #3 Visualization – If you see yourself succeeding, your chances of achieving are much higher. Mental visualization isn’t just for athletes, everybody should incorporate it into their daily routine. 

 #4 Positive Self Talk – Check yourself on negative self-talk, switch “I can’t do this” for “I will do this”. Acknowledge negative words you use regularly and each time you use them take a moment to think of a more positive one to replace these with. You can change your own emotional pattern through positive self-talk, you just have to be willing to try.

 Set yourself up for success and you will always be motivated. 


 How can people mentally get back in the game if they have 'fallen off the wagon'?

 In the military nothing happens without a plan we call this MISSION PLANNING and I guarantee if you begin your health and fitness journey without a plan then you will fail. Whatever we do in life it’s fact as humans we need to set goals and set targets to hit along the way to keep us self-motivated and disciplined. 

 If you have fallen off the wagon it’s because you didn’t have a clear mission plan to begin with. 

 My advice is don’t do it alone, get a coach/mentor to help you set out your path, it’s ok to ask a professional for help until you build better self-motivation. A structured training and nutrition plan and a coach you can bounce things off will set you up for success. 

 Success doesn’t just happen; it’s planned for, proper planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance. And lastly just



 It’s that simple, yet people find it so hard to just take the first step. 

Drop the bulls*#t excuses, as to why you can’t and just get back in the game. 


 How to plan, one method;

  •    What’s your purpose? Set the intent. 
  •    What’s the first target? Identify the objectives. 
  •    Evaluate your options? Identify the most effective way to reach your goals.
  •    Choose your tribe? Determine the right people around you, you need to succeed.
  •    Set a timeline to hit your targets.
  •    Start. The only way to improve is to begin. Execute your plan. 


How do you personally maintain a positive and motivated mindset?

 I come from a very performance based background, beginning my sporting career as a competitive gymnast at the age of 6 years old, moving then into a professional soccer career of 14 years and then into the military for 8 years, 5 of those in the Special Forces. 

I truly believe that life experience is where mental toughness and motivation is built. I know the things in my past have shaped who I am today, the success, and the failures they have each taught me a life lesson. I guess you could say I am a fast learner; I don’t like to make the same mistake twice. 

I set very high targets and high standards for myself to achieve and nothing happens without a mission plan, not even something as simple as a workout. 

I have also built an environment of people around me who only share the same positive, motivated mindset I do. They say you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with. Meet my 5 and you will understand why I am the way I am. Choose carefully, people.  


Anything else you think people should know about motivation?


Stay in the fight, you have a choice to do better, be better but it begins with you! No one is coming to save you, your life is 100% your responsibility. 

 You can't replace hard work. You just have to do it. People ask what's my secret, there is no secret, it's get the hell up and WORK FOR IT! Success doesn't come to you, you work for it. EFFORT IS SEXY. LAZINESS IS UGLY. YOU CHOOSE which one you want to be this week… SEXY vs UGLY. I know what I’m choosing. Stop waiting for approval from others, it’s your life, do what you want with it! 

 Break it down and maintain the rage until mission success is yours.. Soon enough you will be so conditioned to winning, that slowing down and giving up just isn’t an option. 


You have the information, none of this is new, so now it's time to wake up and act.