What is Resilience?

What is Resilience?


How quick do you recover from challenging situations that are all part of daily life, from small disappointments to terrible traumas, we are all affected by these at some point but it is how we react to these situations that determine our resilience level.

 Why do some people crumble under adversity while others bounce back stronger than ever? Humans are capable of adapting to many physical and psychological circumstances, although those with higher resilience will have a much greater ability to recover and even grow in these times.

 Yes some people are born with higher resilience level than others, but this does not mean you can’t change your thought patterns and become more resilient with some brain training, how do you think the army creates so many highly skilled Special Forces Soldiers with the highest levels of human resilience, they train them this way.

 The key aspect of resilience is the ability to cope with stress effectively and in a healthy manner. The stress hormones are beneficial in short term situations, but can create damage if the response is not fully shut off when no longer needed, causing all types of long term health complications. Our daily lives present us with an inexhaustible supply of irritating, stressful and difficult situations. The way you choose to react to these situations in large part determines their effect on us and this is largely a matter of personal awareness and choice.   

 Give yourself no options, when an adversity arises next time stand up and face it, accept it and move on from it quickly and without to much thought, the threat is taking the easy road and letting stress, anxiety and thoughts control your life, put things in place that give you no choice but to build resilience.

 Every person has the opportunity to make a choice about how they will perceive and respond to their circumstances, despite your personal history, despite patterns established by previous experiences, you have the choice to change. Develop your resilience skills and have awareness and control over your emotional responses to situations, believe in your ability cope with stress in a healthy manner.