Professional Athlete ,Retired Special Forces Commando Scott Evennett - Full Bio:

From the ripe age of 4, Scott Evennett has dedicated his life to physical performance. Spending the first 18 years navigating a broad range of sports such as gymnastics, motocross racing, little athletics, surf life saving and soccer. At the age of 16 Scott left Australia to pursue his professional soccer career in the U.K,  Successfully being selected for teams in both Wales and England. Before returning home to join the Australian Defense Force.

Scott Evennett served within the Australian Defense Force from January 2005 until October 2012.
In 2008, Scott successfully completed selection into the Special Forces and served as a Commando within the Second Commando regiment until his retirement from active service in 2012.

Within the Special Forces, Scott deployed on three combat rotations to Afghanistan, serving twice within the Special Operations Task Groups in 2009 and 2012. During his deployment in 2009, Scott was wounded in action during a firefight with Taliban Insurgents that saw his patrol engaged with enemy machine gunfire. Two members of the patrol including Scott received bullet fragment injuries, of which was wounded in the face.

After leaving the military in 2012, Scott set about establishing his fitness, high performance & events business ventures – Awarded local business of the year within the first 12 months of operations. Scott has also created success online with his personal e-commerce store, helping others achieve mind and body transformations globally. 

Thinking big and taking action Scott has now spent 5 years as a consultant within the fitness and health space. In 2021 Scott and his team went live with their very own fitness app, that was created to empower other health coaches all over the country by delivering high quality custom programs and videos. 

Currently, he has his own clothing label under development which looks to launch in 2021.

Scott now also supports https://www.voiceofaveteran.org/ where he and Heston Russell deliver a podcast and videos on key topics concerning the contemporary Veteran community and specifically in support during the current Veteran mental health crisis that has seen over 600 Veterans commit suicide since 2001.